The End of the RFP? Towards a New Framework for Partnering with Tech Solution Providers

RFPs are broken. Nonprofits struggle to write them, solution providers struggle to respond to them, and initial project scopes near little resemblance to actual projects.

How can we improve our tech project outcomes, and our selection process? Is there a better way to identify and engage vendors and solution providers?

In this session, we’ll explore a new framework for selecting tech vendors and consultants that’s focused on building a lasting relationship and a common cause that starts with a new RFP – a Request for Partnership


Isaac Shalev


Isaac combines technical, product and digital marketing knowledge with a keen sense of how people and organizations relate to technology and change.

Grace Barry

Director of Information Technology

Family Service League
After 20+ years in the for-profit world, I came to a screeching halt after 9/11 and examined what I really wanted to do in my life and with my career. That led me to the non-profit world, where I learned the unique challenges and rewards of technology that serves mission.

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