Spanning Campaigns: What Nonprofits Can Learn from Political Fundraising in 2016

Spoiler alert: 2016 will be a big year in the political space, with plenty of trends and tactics to watch. Nonprofits and fundraisers will be able to see what types of fundraising tactics work on local and national scales—and apply them to their own programs with a test and learn approach. In 2008, we saw the Obama campaign harness the power of the internet to drive grassroots mobilization and fundraising.

Today, campaigns have expanded their digital efforts, capitalizing on heightened levels of sophistication in targeting, media integration and online payments to increase donor conversions. As digital gains a bigger seat at the table, what will 2016 bring in terms of fundraising lessons that you might be able to apply? What should you be on the lookout for?

Join Blue State Digital’s Sarah Newhall, EVP, Strategy and Insights, and Matt Yalowitz, Public Sector Lead at Stripe, to discuss what every nonprofit and fundraiser should be keeping an eye on during this political cycle.


Sarah Newhall

Executive Vice President of Strategy & Insights

Blue State Digital
As the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Insights at Blue State Digital, Sarah oversees and manages all facets of BSD’s data, strategy, and insights business. Sarah works with the Strategy & Insights Teams to identify new applications of BSD's expertise in data, analytics, testing, research, planning, and strategy to address client challenges and needs. She also oversees and drives external relationships with product, data, and strategy partnerships.

Matt Yalowitz

Public Sector Lead


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