NPTech Makers: The Pain and Poetry in Building a Platform

In three short years, has grown to 250,000 young poets creating poetry on the platform, with an annual budget of less than $500K. By using the powers of Drupal, duct tape, and data, they have been able to grow, impact, and compete with the biggest players in the poetry space. This incredible story of rapid growth, spam attacks from Asia, scaling infrastructure, and amazing impact for poets contains five lessons that any nonprofit can learn from.


George Weiner

Chief Whaler

Whole Whale
George is the Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, a digital agency that leverages web data and tech to multiply the impact of nonprofits through services, products, and content. Founded in 2010, Whole Whale has worked directly with over 55 nonprofits, spent over $5 million in Google AdWords Grant money, and supported over 65,000 nonprofits through free online content and training. Prior to Whole Whale, George was the CTO of Under his leadership, the organization became an innovator in social media, mobile technologies and social cause. During his 7 years at, he oversaw the complete overhaul of the site twice (winning a Webby Award), helping to build a community of over 1.5 million young people taking action.

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