My Dad and Other Real People Designed Our Online Strategy

Does this sound familiar? Three nonprofit staffers walk into a conference room…

No joke, that’s the way many nonprofits plan their online strategies. At ForestEthics we threw out the standard templates, stepped out of the board room, and began a creative journey with humility and empathy embedded in our strategic process. Using the Human Centered Design toolkit created by design thinking company, IDEO, we interviewed influencers, experts, supporters, and people who had never heard of us. What we discovered was enlightening and inspiring but would have never surfaced if we had continued to sit in that board room with our bias and spreadsheets.

From framing the question and exploring assumptions, to listening to your community and testing possible solutions, human-centered design can put the humanity back in your digital strategy and transform your work.

You’ll walk out of this session with an understanding of how to use the human-centered design process to collect qualitative data, come up with the best ideas and test them, a case study of how it can be applied to nonprofit online strategy, and practical experience in a lightening-fast design thinking experiment you can do with your team back home.


Trista Kendall


Danielle Siembieda

Digital Marketing Specialist

Danielle is a Community Engagement Expert and Digital Strategist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She have over 15 years of experience building communities, executing creative campaigns and developing digital strategies around social media, SEO/SEM and web development. She currently is the Deputy Director of Leonardo/ISAST (International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology). Her evening career is as an Alter Eco Artist working in the intersection of community, technology and the environment. More can be found at

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