Memejacking: Break the Internet… For a Good Cause!

There’s power in a meme. No really. A meme can make you laugh. It can make you cry. It can unite populations and build whole communities. A good meme can change the world. Sound farfetched? Think about it: memes are viral, highly shareable, easy-to-make traffic magnets. Hijacking a popular meme (AKA “memejacking”) can provide your organization with the hook and buzz needed to make your cause topical and exciting online.

This interactive session will give you tactical strategies for identifying trends in Internet culture, creative methods to connect your message to a meme, and free tools to help you create and share your own memes for maximum impact.


Nicolas Seip

Senior Program and Communications Associate

True Colors Fund

Gabrielle Robbins


Gabbie Gabs Speaking
I'm Gabbie, a motivational speaker and office manager in Brooklyn. The goal of Gabbie Gabs Speaking is to let middle-and-high-school students know that their decisions, choices, and affectations are just as significant as those made or adopted in adulthood, and that self-improvement doesn't have to be what your teachers say it is! However, as nobody at NTEN will be a middle or high school student in need of motivation, I'll be assisting Nick Seip in giving you the tools to create and 'jack' popular internet memes in order to spread a message!

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