If I Only Had a Frame(work): Crafting User Experiences across 3rd-Party Systems

Nonprofits are rarely afforded the opportunity to use a single platform to implement their digital strategy. Business needs and historical requirements dictate that many projects require us to — somehow — create a cohesive user experience across multiple platforms, even when those platforms don’t provide us with extensive customization options.

It’s not necessarily a pretty job, but it’s not something we can ignore. Fortunately, there are tried and true ways to streamline the process and maintain as clean a user experience as possible. Yes, even when [Insert Terrifyingly Proprietary Company Name Here] is involved.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Requirements Gathering: What systems are in play?
  • Design: How can we create reusable components?
  • APIs: Can we hide the 3rd-party systems altogether?
  • Compromise: How can we change our perceived organizational needs to put users first?
  • Governance: What are the human systems we need to consider?
  • Post-launch: How can we prevent fragmentation of the experience after the solution is implemented?

You’ll leave with concrete strategies and tactics you can use right away — or adapt for your own needs.


Brett Meyer

Chief Strategy Officer

ThinkShout, Inc.
Brett built his first website in 1996 and has been actively involved in Internet development ever since, with particular focus on project management, user experience, and analytics. A stint in the Peace Corps, working at a radio station in rural West Africa, brought him into the nonprofit world. Prior to ThinkShout, Brett spent 6 years at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), serving as its Communications Director; while there, he helped NTEN grow its community from a few thousand to more than 50,000 participants and found a calling in helping cause-driven organizations use technology to better meet their missions. Outside of work, Brett spends more time than he'd care to admit playing and watching soccer, but he does find time to cook several times a week and to escape on backpacking trips with his wife Melissa, where they work on their photography portfolios. He's also an excellent source for beer or restaurant recommendations in the Portland area.

Melissa Barber

Project Manager

North Peak
I'm a project manager at NorthPeak.com. After working in nonprofits’ fundraising and communications departments for over 7 years, I joined the North Peak team in Fall of 2014. Most recently, I served as the Director of Digital Communications for the Death with Dignity National Center. In addition to strategizing and implementing the National Center’s marketing and communications, I was the onsite project manager for the nonprofit's migration to Salesforce and system admin. I know the life of the accidental admin first-hand. Prior to working with nonprofits, I was the operations and CRM manager for a financial management firm, and served in the Peace Corps for two years in one of the poorest countries in the world. As a certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant, I draw on my diverse experience in all three sectors--nonprofit, private, and governmental agencies--to help nonprofits work toward their mission.

Lara Koch

Mobile Communications Manager

The Humane Society of the United States

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