Getting Beyond Susan, the Affluent Boomer: What You Can Really Do with Personas

We’ve all seen them, right?  The pretty PowerPoint slides with carefully chosen stock photos of people who are supposed to represent your donors. Susan, the Affluent Boomer. Dorothy, the Golden Senior. Abby, the Millennial Advocate. Clusters, segments, personas — whatever you want to call them, they are often not as actionable as we want them to be.

Join the Sierra Club for this session on how they combined communications and IT prowess into a persona-based marketing automation approach for their digital program.

Learn how to:

  • Audit your existing digital program and determine if you’re meeting the needs of all your business units AND constituents
  • Develop actionable audience segments based on their holistic value to your nonprofit, a known path toward high value, and demographic knowledge
  • Automate measurable communication specific to those segments
  • Develop organizational communication policies so that national and chapter offices can live in peace (and so their constituents can have the best experience possible)

This session is a perfect fit for data geeks, digital strategists, and IT leads alike.  We’ll provide interview templates, automation dos and don’ts, as well as communication policy tips.  And maybe some green living swag.


Molly Brooksbank

Sr. Director of Digital Engagement

Sierra Club
Molly leads The Sierra Club's digital organizers, fundraisers and marketers in mobilizing their 2.4 million supporters to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. She is passionate about using technology to empower people and causes for good. Prior to joining the Sierra Club, Molly worked at Convio, where she helped launch digital marketing and CRM platforms, and led a team of strategy consultants, serving national organizations including the top 30 PBS stations, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, JDRF, and ASPCA.

Bethany Maki

Vice President, Nonprofit Digital Strategy

Paradysz + PM Digital
Bethany has worked in nonprofit marketing communications and fundraising for more than 14 years. Over the years she has served in various marketing and fundraising roles with top brands such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force and the American Diabetes Association. As a consultant, Bethany has focused on building nonprofit digital practices within commercial digital agencies, aiming to bridge the gap between online consumer and donor experiences. She is a member of the DMANF, NTEN and IMAB and contributes to their conference events in speaking and facilitating roles.

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