Finally, A Model for Delivering Technology in Nonprofits That Works!

If you’ve done technology work in the nonprofit sector, chances are you’ve got the scars to show for it. So imagine how excited we were at Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) when we hit upon a model that solves many of the persistent issues we all know so well, while allowing us to consistently answer the call for high-quality, cost-efficient technology in service of our mission.

We’ll lay out the straightforward yet effective “product teams” model and offer some tools to get started at your organization. For a preview, see


Sam Dorman

Independent Consultant
Sam Dorman is one of the social change sector’s recognized leaders in the technology arena, helping organizations deliver technology that works for people. His work to help organizations use a Silicon Valley-style 'product team' to transform their impact using technology is described at

Chris Zezza

Chief of Digital Products

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Chris Zezza served as the original Chief of Digital Products for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) as well as its Salesforce Architect. He has an extensive background in technology and nonprofits.

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