Content Creation and Curation in the Real World: Where Do Those Tweets, GIFs & Blog Posts Come From?

Everyone says content is king, right? It’s true. And in today’s digital world of ever shrinking attention spans, you can’t turn around without tripping over somebody who wants to tell you all about how to optimize, visualize, monetize or strategize the heck out of your content, whether it’s your website, blog, social media account or newsletter.

This sounds all well and good – obviously – until you realize that everyone always seems to skip the step where this fantastically promotable, marketable, shareable content has to come from somewhere. It doesn’t just spring from the ground fully formed like Athena bursting forth from Zeus’ head. And if your job description includes being a content creator, all the optimization in the world won’t help you if you can’t produce the content in the first place.

Topics we’ll consider and discuss –

  • How to determine what types of content make most sense for your organization.
  • How to identify internal content creation resources.
  • Are all content platforms created equal?
  • How to DIY graphics, GIFs and vids.
  • How to repurpose, refresh or otherwise extend the life of your existing content.
  • How to find and curate existing content that’s relevant to your audience.
  • How to answer people who ask you if you “can make me a fun engagement piece about X”.
  • And we’ll surely come up with more.

If you write, blog, email, produce videos, graphics or GIFs – or even if you just need to use any of those things in your day to day – let’s talk. (It’ll be fun!)


Lacy Baugher

Interactive Content Producer

Lacy is currently an interactive content producer at WETA, the flagship PBS station in the nation's capital, handling station social media, writing website content and managing Telly Visions, the station's British entertainment and culture blog. (Though that last one doesn't necessarily feel like work, most of the time.) Prior to WETA, she spent five years at digital agency New Media Strategies, where she developed social media and online brand strategy for a variety of top tier entertainment clients, including NBC, BBC America, USA Network and more. A gigantic nerd at heart, Lacy has a particular weakness for anything related to Doctor Who, Sansa Stark or ladies in superhero stories. She also has a master's degree in medieval literature, and would dearly love to talk to you if you have any thoughts to share on medieval dream poetry, because almost no one ever does.

Meghan Murphy

Marketing & Community

Meghan leads marketing and community efforts for, engaging a new generation of direct and online giving to alleviate poverty. Prior to HandUp, Meghan spent three years as the Senior Manager of Community Programs for Twilio driving strategy on defending, nurturing and inspiring their community of developers. She also founded, the social initiative that empowers nonprofits with communications technologies. In a previously life, she managed media relations in consumer technology and the video games industry.

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