Communicating Data for Action and Impact

Problem Statement

You have the data that can help tell your story and move your mission. Now what?

Many nonprofits struggle with communicating data. Some jump to visualizations without considering their goals or audience needs. Some have a clear idea of whom they are trying to reach, but don’t know how to best tell their data stories. This interactive session will provide real world examples and actionable advice on applying The Five A’s of Data Communication to help you achieve your desired outcomes:

  • Analysis: What stories do the data tell (and how to find them)?
  • Audience: Whom are we trying to reach (and how to understand their needs)?
  • Action: What do we want our audiences to do (and how does it support our mission)?
  • Art: Which design will maximize desired actions (and how should we bring it to life)?
  • Analytics: How can we measure our success (and how to improve over time)?

If you are facing a data communication challenge, bring your questions to this session and leave with a practical plan for your organization.