#AccessibilityRocks: Make Your Social Media More Inclusive Today

Digital content shared through social channels is a powerful tool for nonprofit outreach, fundraising, community building, and program delivery. What if your clever meme, powerful video, or compelling infographic could activate a wider audience? In this interactive session we’ll share actionable tips and resources for making your communications and digital content more inclusive of people with disabilities.

You’ll learn:

  • Four basic principles of web accessibility you can apply to social media
  • How to plan for accessibility from the beginning
  • How your content “looks” to people with disabilities and assistive technologies they use
  • Accessibility pitfalls to avoid

You’ll leave with a toolkit of actionable steps and practical resources for making your social media more inclusive today.


BJ Wishinsky

Social Media Manager

BJ Wishinsky is the Social Media Manager at Benetech, a Silicon Valley nonprofit creating technology to serve humanity. A former software engineer and education manager, since 2008 she has devoted herself to the nonprofit and education sectors. Her superpower is using social media for social good. On any given day, you can find BJ tweeting as @benetech, @bookshare, or @leapingwoman.

Chad Leaman

Director of Development

Neil Squire Society
Chad Leaman is the Director of Development for the Neil Squire Society. The Neil Squire Society offers technology, computer literacy and employment programming for people with physical disabilities. During his thirteen years at the Neil Squire Society, he has developed numerous programs that are available across Canada. Chad is also a volunteer organizer of NetSquared Vancouver (NTEN 501 club Vancouver), which holds free workshops and an annual conference for non-profits to better use technology to further their mission statement. He also serves as Vice-Chair for BC Technology for Learning Society, which refurbishes over 7,000 computers a year for schools, non-profits and other at-need populations in BC. He’s a father of young twins which is the source of much joy, sleeplessness and scraped knees.

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