Data Driven Digital Communications Strategy

Problem Statement

We will specifically help attendees learn to use data and experiments to ensure they're matching the correct content, platform and audience in a strategic way with hard numbers to back it up.

Session Description

With nonprofits and foundations feeling the pressure to be more efficient than ever, audience and stakeholder research has become critical. Today the best data-driven organizations actively generate actionable data by monitoring their email, website and social media analytics and running experiments and A/B testing. Learn from seasoned digital strategists on the best practices to refine your digital presence and email marketing and measure impact. A/B testing and social monitoring doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming for your organizations. Using new communications tools, optimizing for engagement and tweaking messages shared with your audiences via your digital communications are valuable ways to ensure your organization is not only talking to the right people, but that you also have clear, compelling and appropriate messages when you do. Learn how to examine the basics of A/B testing, social media monitoring and content creation in order to better engage with your online audiences and activate your community around your cause.


Medium to Large Organizations

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Branding, Data and Metrics, Email, Social Media, Strategy, Website