NTR Phase II – Project Updates

Thank you for taking the time to share an update on your current project with us. Complete the simple for below and we will work to get you feedback within a week of when it... »

Relay Link Tester

Orientation Demo Google Analytics Digital Engagement

Managing and organizing your digital content can be a hassle. Whether it’s logos, stock photos, donor submitted artwork and photos or internally produced content, keeping it all tidy and available to all organization departments can be a full-time job. This panel will discuss best practices for how to organize the content and make it available […]

photo of a hamster in a silver wheel with a white background
February 20, 2017 · Lauren Girardin and Lauren Girardin

How To Keep Up with Changes to Social Media You Already Use

Your Guide to Donor Management Systems

Our giving programs are most successful when we know how and why our donors give. But what are the best ways to collect and store these data in a way that is accessible, actionable, and... »
February 23, 2017

Community call with Robin Hauser Reynolds

Cost: Free for all

Join the Women in Nonprofit Tech group for an exciting call with Robin Hauser Reynolds.


Got Azure questions? Let them be heard. This is your chance to ask our Azure technical experts at Microsoft anything about Azure.