"Special event ahead" sign.
July 22, 2016 · Sandy Rees

Is It Time to Ditch That Event?

Too many small nonprofits get on what I call the ‘special event hamster wheel’ and they go from one event to the next. How do you know when to get off the wheel? »
Letter with wings approaching a "danger" sign
July 21, 2016 · Carolyn Emigh

Managing State Registrations for Email Fundraising

It's a fact: Thirty-nine states as well as the District of Columbia require charities and other nonprofit organizations to register in order to solicit donations within their jurisdictions. That means email. »

Statement of Commitment – Online Community Organizer

NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network works to help the nonprofit sector use technology more effectively, and operates as a membership association of nonprofits and their staff, consultants, funders, and vendors. NTEN’s online groups bring together... »
July 20, 2016 · Megan Keane

July Member Roundup

Overcoming tech challenges, Fundraising Masters, and Pokémon Go for good »


Help us reach potential new Members and funders by sharing a testimonial about your experiences with an NTEN program or event. Just a few sentences and a picture can go a long way towards helping us illustrate NTEN’s... »

Organizer Resources

Resources and Links NTEN Calendar: Get your events listed on NTEN’s calendar Exit Interview Communication and Community NTEN’s Community Program Manager: Bethany Lister / or 1-503-272-8733 or schedule a meeting Organizer Forum: Chat with other... »
Smiling people sitting around a table
July 19, 2016 · Emily Logan

The Busy Board Member’s Guide to Fundraising

As a board member you have a responsibility to the organization, and that includes helping to make sure the doors are kept open and the programs are financially supported. »
Presentation at WLI
July 14, 2016 · Alonso Reyna Rivarola

Digital Inclusion Fellowship in Review: A Q&A With Alonso Reyna Rivarola

We asked Alfonso Reyna Rivarola to give us an update on his work as a DIF Fellow with the Salt Lake Education Foundation. »
September 13, 2016 · Meghan Murphy

Training: Intro to Content Strategy

Cost: $125 Members; $250 Non-Members

Content marketing should play a key role in your overall marketing and community engagement strategy. In this training, we’ll explore all parts of content strategy including where you can optimize and expand your current content strategy.


NTR Coaching Engagement Request Form

Coaching sessions are new part of the NTR program. It is an opportunity to get financial support for up to 10 hours of coaching services for your organization on a technology related project area. It... »