When you log onto social media what do you see? Perhaps your sister-in-law has announced she is pregnant! Your neighbor got a new job, your uncle got a new dog from the shelter or maybe your childhood friend lost a parent. These moments are important in people’s lives. These are the life elements that mean […]

August 3, 2016

Nonprofit Tech Club: Bagels & Bytes Monthly Meeting

Cost: Free for all

Join Bagels & Bytes for technology-related peer learning and networking at its best!


Without even knowing it, there’s a good chance your organization has done one or more of the following: Lost a good volunteer because they became frustrated with the technology systems they were forced to use. Failed to reach potential volunteers because no one talks about your volunteers’ impact online Left a volunteer feeling in the […]

Amplify your impact through volunteer engagement in your online communities! It’s becoming increasingly important to tell the story of volunteer impact with social tools. Learn how to create unique ways to help both current and potential volunteers feel connected to your mission while elevating your marketing efforts. Why volunteer engagement and digital marketing? In this […]

What if you could predict how many volunteers were going to sign-up for your cause or how much money you would bring in through your largest fundraiser with 99.95% accuracy? It’s possible through data analytics –  a combination of data, modeling and intuition. This session will teach you to think like a data scientist so […]

Engaging pro bono volunteers for your technology needs will not only allow you to create new ways to deliver on your mission, but it will help broaden your volunteer options as well (in a way that many, many corporate volunteer programs are looking for!) This session will take you through the entire process of finding […]

Creating compelling communications is all about storytelling. It’s crafting a good story about your organization and gathering enough people around the fire to listen to you. In this session you’ll get tips on how to write and gather stories, learn about the components of a good nonprofit story, and collect the pieces you need for […]

Video is the next storytelling revolution. Creating a compelling, concise video for your nonprofit is tough! With the explosion of video technology, you can shoot, edit and share an effective fundraising video on your smartphone. In the past 5 years, video has increasingly become essential to the fundraiser’s toolbox. Get expert advice from a nonprofit […]

“Content Marketing” is hot in for-profit marketing and advertising, but how can you adapt those best practices to your nonprofit? Learn how to create a comprehensive boom of sound to reach your target audiences. At its core, this is all about increasing online engagement. The “Surround Sound Approach” is a multimedia approach to communications that […]

Nonprofit professionals are some of the hardest working people in the world. #TRUTH And it’s easy to get tired or let a roadblock (AKA coworker) kill brilliant idea. Get tools to overcome barriers to achieve your creative dreams! Challenge yourself to take a creative leap on your next project. In this session, get tips on […]