How to Find Presenters The easiest way to find presenters is to ask! Use the Community Survey and Event Evaluation documents in your Google Drive folder to ask attendees to note if they’d like to present. Reach out to organizations doing interesting things in your community and see if they will talk about them. Go […]

NetSquared Vancouver always includes event-specific social info for the speakers, venue hosts, and sponsors in their event invites. An example from PDXTech4Good showing their hashtag at the bottom of their welcome presentation slides.

Do your research to find relevant local hashtags you can piggyback onto and potentially reach new audiences. For example in Portland, OR a popular hashtag is #PDXtech. NetSquared Victoria’s Susan J.T. says, “In promoting our events, we use other hashtags to indicate geography, such as #YYJ (the airport code for Victoria) or #YYJevents, so that […]

There is no magic answer. First and foremost, the best social media platforms are the ones you will actually use. Many groups make the mistake of creating accounts on numerous platforms that the group ultimately can’t sustain. Tumbleweeds do not inspire the community to get involved. When you’re first starting out, we recommend that you […]

The more you engage, the more likely your community will start sharing and helping each other without a lot of prodding. If you promote a hashtag or social accounts, the organizers need to use them too. If you ask your community to live-tweet or otherwise engage socially, engage with them–re-share, like, and respond. Keep this […]

Make it easy for your community to help you promote by giving them some sample sharing text that they can adapt and share. Pro tip: Make sure you are sharing this text as well. In the example below, Michelle Regal, an organizer from the Women in Nonprofit Tech online group, included a request for promotional […]

Promote early and often. Involve NTEN, community partners, co-organizers, and attendees. Give your community the tools to help you promote and engage before, during, and after your event.

Some Tech Clubs choose to find sponsorships to help offset costs and sustain the funding for the Nonprofit Tech Club program rather than accept the monthly stipend from NTEN. We’ve put together a few sponsorship packages for Local, Program, and Venue sponsors. In some cases, club organizers should manage the sponsorship agreements themselves and in […]

An organizer from every club is required to fill out the Event Report after every event so we can share the good work you club is doing with the wider NTEN community, potentially connect presenters to additional writing and presenting opportunities, and report back to funders. This report is also how organizers can get reimbursed […]

NTEN provides clubs with a $100 reimbursement on monthly event-related expenses so that Tech Club events remain free of charge. If necessary to cover the full event expenses, organizers may ask for donations at the door. It is imperative, however, that there is no financial barrier to attendance.