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We kicked off September by launching the 2014 Leading Change Summit...and we couldn't have done it without you.

All of us all NTEN are amazed (but not too surprised, really) by the degree of engagement at the 14LCS, and by the movement of individual ideas into actionable projects during the Idea Accelerator. We're grateful for the articles, blog posts, videos, photos, and more from the 14LCS community. Relive the experience and learn what attendees absorbed during the four days at 14LCS through this content round-up.

This year's inaugural Leading Change Summit brought together an amazing group of nonprofit and tech leaders: executive directors who know they aren’t alone in believing there’s another way to tackle a social issue, communication directors who see the world in a multichannel network, and chief technology officers looking to flip our cycle of adopting new technology on its head. As part of 14LCS, we at NTEN were excited to recognize a few individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to push the limits, redefine the way we approach social impact, and help chart a course for all of us to follow. Here they are, the recipients of the Leading Change Award, the Campaign of the Year Award, and the Technology Impact Award.

We are all so excited that Julia Smith has found a new opportunity to advance her career that allows her to work offline, in a real office, with other humans in Chicago. We are, of course, sad that it means the NTEN office hasn’t moved to Chicago to be with her. In her time at NTEN, Julia shared many lessons that we will continue to learn from and laugh about for years to come. She will continue to be an active NTEN Member, so it’s not goodbye!

Have any special “Julia” moments? Leave a comment below! Here are just three reasons why Julia will be missed at NTEN:

NTEN Members never fail to inspire us. Here's the latest news and events from our Members that has us smiling.

It takes a lot to jump onstage and pitch a brand new idea in front of a new group of people. Will they laugh, start, cheer, or be intrigued? On September 5-6, during the Microsoft evening reception and Idea Accelerator finale at the 2014 Leading Change Summit, 24 brave individuals and teams pitched ideas for social good. It was an incredible testament to the commitment and dedication of the nonprofit sector to put words to action - identifying needs and proposing concrete solutions.  

You can learn about the three winners here. Right now, though, we want to share the 21 other fresh ideas that were pitched. They didn’t make the final cut at the Idea Accelerator, but we are still rooting for them. Interested in any of these ideas? Want to learn more? Leave a comment below and we’ll connect you to the masterminds (and note that the ideas written here are just the initial starting pitches from the opening reception on Friday night; they may have evolved and morphed throughout the day on Saturday).

On September 6 in San Francisco, over 250 attendees at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit (14LCS) convened for its finale event: the Idea Accelerator. After three days of exploring ideas, gathering feedback on projects and concepts, and thinking critically amongst nonprofit peers, the Idea Accelerator gave participants the chance to switch gears and think about how to put their ideas into action. 

“Where can I post a job?” That’s one of the most common questions we get at NTEN, and we’ve repeatedly heard from many of you in the NTEN community that you’d like to see a job board on NTEN.org. Well, we take your requests seriously; and we are excited to announce that a job board is underway!

In honor of our August theme of "Tools," we invited several of our beloved Tech Club and Communities of Practice (CoPs) organizers to give short presentations about their favorite community organizing tools during the Community Organizing Tools from the Experts webinar on August 21. Did you miss it? Here's a quick recap of some of the helpful tools and resources that they shared. You can also view the entire presentation on Slideshare, and recap on Storify

With NTEN's website redesign project underway, we took a step back and asked, "How do we know how our users use our site and what they want if we don't ask? So we turned to the NTEN community, as we will continue to do at various stages of the redesign process, for their candid feedback about the NTEN website. We conducted a website survey with about 80 respondents, and conducted some one-on-one interviews with eleven members of the NTEN community. Here's what they had to say.

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