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Are you thinking about making a change to a process you already have in place? Do you want to be able to show that the changes had an effect on the process? There are a few things you should think about before you make the change...

Since August 2010, folks who work in the world of online community building, mostly at nonprofits and NGOs, have been gathering weekly for networking, professional development, and resource-sharing via the Twitter hashtag #CommBuild. To celebrate #CommBuild’s three year anniversary, we asked several invested community members why this chat has lasted so long, what challenges they’ve faced along the way, and how curious newcomers can get involved.

Flickr: photofarmerFlickr: photofarmerThis year, we're formalizing our efforts and rolling out a new sustainability plan to help us be even more effective in 'greening' the NTC. And we need YOU, our wonderful community, to help! We’re looking for some creative, environmentally minded nptechies to gather their ideas and experiences and join our Sustainability Committee. 

NTEN's staff just keeps growing! Meet James Sigala, our new Program Coordinator!


A monthly roundup of our favorite nonprofit tech resources and other goodies.

When you take a misstep, there's a great opportunity to share it publicly, learn from it, and move on. In that spirit, we'd like to share what happened when we thought we were sending an email to people who hadn't opened an email in over a year, what we actually did, the response from some of the people who got the email, and what we learned from it all.

Two updates from the team at SXSW Interactive: this Friday is the deadline for panel proposals and for scholarship nominations for their March 2014 gathering.

Flickr: theirhistoryFlickr: theirhistorySummer sun and vacation days haven't slowed down the NTEN community! This edition of Member Round Up shows folks busy doing research, releasing reports, and unveiling a new community platform to help nptechies connect and learn.

I'm so excited to officially welcome Julia Smith as NTEN's new Community Development Manager! Julia began working with NTEN on the Communities of Impact (CoI) project earlier this year, and now we're thrilled to have her on the NTEN staff! Julia will continue to work with the CoI project and NTEN's communities of practice and will also be supporting the 501 Tech Clubs, managing our social media channels, and helping to make the NTEN's community programs even better.

Imagine you're a leader and someone mentions the S word. Strategy. And you're like, oh I got this with my amazing three year strategic plan. So they flip it open and then ask, well where's the strategic technology plan? And then that other S word comes to mind. Don't worry. Read on for some great programs & resources NTEN has to offer to help you with the strategery of technology.