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We've had a lot of great discussions in the myNTEN community over the past year. Here's ten of the best!

NTEN staff in Portland celebrated the holidays the best way we knew how: by going to a museum of strange things.

We’re only three months away from our signature event - the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Each year, the NTC proves to be the largest gathering of nonprofit professionals that put technology to use for their causes. We’re expecting over 2,000 people in DC to connect, learn, and change with us as we explore the latest trends and topics in nonprofit technology.

Don’t miss out - Early Bird registration closes today! If you’ve already registered, start your 14NTC experience now by visiting myNTC, the official 14NTC website, and log in with your existing NTEN profile.

Big ideas abound in our community! With 2,000+ thought leaders expected to connect in Washington, DC for our #14NTC, we're excited to announce some special "Big Ideas" panels that we hope will continue to open up conversations around the big issues that we face in the nonprofit technology landscape. 

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The true test of any nonprofit is to demonstrate impact. But the first test is to set up a way to measure it. Every nonprofit aims to have impact, but few have the systems in place to calculate little more than outputs. The December 2013 issue of NTEN: Change focuses on the topic of Outcomes & Impact, with features that explore internal organizational approaches for both measuring impact and ensuring an impact focus. 

We're excited to announce our plenary speaker line up for our 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference, March 13-15.  Thank you to everyone who sent in their ideas! This year's general sessions are a diverse line up that we at NTEN hope will help you continue to change the world through technology. 

At NTEN headquarters here in Portland, Oregon, preparations for the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is picking up speed, with registration in full swing, and exhibit booths selling fast. We're excited to see so much energy around the event and are looking forward to connecting with our community in person in March!

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that there are multiple companies out there that are trying to scam our exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees with fraudulent hotel bookings.