White Paper: CTOs for Good 2012

Report published March 19, 2012 in NPTech Community

CTOs for Good is a small group of chief technology officers (CTOs) at innovative nonprofits focused on scale and engagement.

In 2011, NTEN, with support from the Knight Foundation, convened the CTOs for Good forum and conducted follow-up interviews with the participants in order to document and share the group’s experiences and challenges.

The group addressed a number of issues over the course of the year, many of which are reflected in this white paper.

> Download the White Paper (PDF)

NTEN interviewed the participating CTOs at the end of 2011 and documented some of their concerns, practices, strategies, and goals, from which these key themes emerged:

  • Engagement with users as a key strategy driving web and data strategies
  • Recruiting and hiring challenges in a highly competitive (for employers) labor market
  • Heavy, but not sole, use of open source technologies for constituent relationship and project management, among other functions
  • The need to remain laser-focused on technology projects and priorities, and yet flexible and agile enough to turn on a dime if–make that when–priorities or circumstances shift
  • Scalability and efficiency; doing significantly more with marginal cost increases and within everpresent budget constraints
  • A deliberate, cautious, phased approach to migrating applications and data to the cloud

You can read what these innovating CTOs are working on, worrying about, and planning for in their own words in this detailed white paper.