The 2012 State of the Nonprofit Cloud Report

Report published March 5, 2012 in Software

In the second half of 2011, when we set out to look at the “State of the Nonprofit Cloud”, we weren’t sure what to expect—and what we found after surveying US nonprofits and conducting follow-up interviews was that it’s somewhat... foggy.

The vast majority of nonprofits we surveyed were using hosted software, but our interviews with staff members revealed that many didn’t even realize those systems could be considered hosted, or “cloud”, solutions.

In addition, many respondents said they were concerned about security for some hosted systems—especially constituent databases—but were comfortably using other hosted systems for equally sensitive information, such as business email.

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Some key findings:

  • 91% of respondents reported using some kind of cloud-based software solution
  • Staff email is the most commonly used cloud solution (69%) -- in fact, we call it the "gateway cloud" for nonprofits
  • Once a nonprofit starts using one cloud solution, it's likely to use more (thus, the "gateway" concept)

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