NTEN 2011-2014 Strategic Plan

Report published November 19, 2010 in NPTech Community

In the spring of 2010, NTEN contracted with Intentiō Consulting to develop a strategic plan. The primary component of the plan is the organization’s theory of change that provides a framework for NTEN to use in developing a strategically focused programmatic and operational plan for 2011-2014. The strategic plan is freely available to the NTEN community.

> Download the NTEN 2011-2014 Strategic Plan

There were four main elements of the strategic planning process:

  1. Participation at the 2010 NTC
  2. Stakeholder Input Collection 
  3. Board and Staff strategic planning retreat in Portland, Oregon
  4. Regular calls with the Strategic Planning Committee

This plan covers 2011-2014 and will be treated as a living document: it will be reviewed and revised as circumstances and context require. In particular, this plan is being developed during a time of great economic uncertainty for nonprofit organizations. NTEN will develop the corresponding implementation and operational plan in light of both its financial state and the broader economic state of the nonprofit sector.

> Download the NTEN 2011-2014 Strategic Plan