Nonprofit IT Staffing Survey

Report published November 14, 2006 in IT Staffing

Technology has the potential to change the way nonprofits works and make the world a better place. But smart IT requires smart management and staff. We wanted to know what that really means: The first-ever Nonprofit IT Staffing Survey analyzes data on nonprofit IT salaries for different job functions, IT budgets and expenditures, satisfaction in IT staffing, and level and areas of IT outsourcing in more than 1,000 U.S. nonprofits.

Key Findings

> IT Investments: Large nonprofits and early technology adopters invest significantly more in IT. Self-described non-tech savvy nonprofits have a median IT budget of $667 per employee, compared to $2,500 for their more high-tech counterparts.

> Digital divide: Smaller organizations are significantly behind on IT investment and adoption. 41% of small organizations reported no salary expenses related to technology, and an astonishing 20% reported an IT budget of zero.

> Staffing: A majority of nonprofit organizations feel they are understaffed in their IT areas. Nonprofits have one staff member with some IT responsibility for every five organizational staff members, with salaries for IT staff varying widely between smaller and larger organizations.

> Outsourcing: More than 95% of nonprofits routinely outsource specific IT functions.

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