Nonprofit IT Staffing: Staffing Levels, Recruiting, Retention, and Outsourcing

Report published March 26, 2008 in IT Staffing, NPTech Community

Staffing Information Technology is frequently a challenge for nonprofit organizations. Financial resources are typically limited, and hiring managers often feel overwhelmed and under-educated when it comes to IT. Determining where IT should fit into the organization, how many IT staff people are needed, and what those people should be spending their time doing can be difficult decisions.

In order to shed some light on these questions, NTEN and the Nonprofit Times teamed up to create the Nonprofit IT Staffing Survey. The results of this survey will be presented in two parts. The first report, "Nonprofit IT Staffing: Staffing Levels, Recruiting, Retention, and Outsourcing" focuses on the nature of IT staff and departments in nonprofits.

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Additional findings of the Nonprofit IT Staffing Report include:

  • On average, nonprofits employ one IT staff member for every 26 employees.
  • IT staff spend their time in much the same way, regardless of organization size or level of technology adoption. For the second year, the largest percentage of staff time, roughly 40%, is spent on desktop and application support.
  • The average tenure for IT staff at nonprofits is 4.3 years. Tenures were longer for larger organizations and organizations that felt they had greater technology adoption.
  • For the second year small nonprofits self identify lower on the technology adoption spectrum than larger organizations. Almost 50% of small organizations feel behind the curve.

> Download the report for free!

An additional report will cover Salaries & Budgets and IT Management & Planning in the near future.