Nonprofit IT Staffing: Budgets, Salaries, Training and Planning

Report published February 29, 2008 in IT Staffing, NPTech Community

Staffing the information technology (IT) function is frequently a challenge for nonprofit organizations. Financial resources are typically limited, and hiring managers often feel overwhelmed and under-educated when it comes to IT. Determining how much time and money to invest in information technology can be difficult decisions.

In order to shed some light on these questions, NTEN and the Nonprofit Times teamed up to create the Nonprofit IT Staffing Survey.

This second and final report covers "Budgets, Salaries, Training, and Planning".

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Additional findings of the second Nonprofit IT Staffing Report include:

  • A full quarter of small nonprofits reported having no budget for IT salaries.
  • Roughly half of nonprofits provide IT training for their staff. Organizations that were unhappy with their training methods were most likely to expect staff to train on their own.
  • Almost three quarters of organizations that felt they are on the leading edge of technology had a formal technology plan, as opposed to just over five percent of nonprofits that reported they were in trouble.

> Download the report for free!

The first report, which covered staffing levels, recruiting, retention and outsourcing, is also available for free download.