MobileActive Strategy Guide #2

Report published March 19, 2007 in Mobile & Social Media

A joint project of NTEN, Green Media Toolshed, and MobileActive and funded by the Surdna Foundation.

Mobile phones have become a powerful emerging tool for participation in civil society. This five part series looks ways nonprofits have used mobile phones in their campaigns and the effective strategies deployed, and shares lessons learned.

MobileActive Guide #2 Released

NTEN and are announcing the second MobileActive Guide, profiling strategies and civil society organizations using mobile phones in their work to make the world a better place. The second MobileActive Guide focuses on using mobile phones in issue advocacy. The guide features case studies from around the world, strategies for using mobile phones in advocacy work, and a how-to section for advocacy organizations considering using mobile phones to advance their causes.

Download the MobileActive Guide #2

Look for other guides in the Mobile Active Strategy Guide series that will focus on fundraising, using mobile phones in the Global South, and a step-by-step how-to guide for setting up a campaign in the United States.