Let's Talk: How Open APIs Can Change How Nonprofits Manage Data

Report published January 31, 2007 in Data Integration

Nonprofits are challenged by managing their data effectively on a daily basis. This is hampering their work, making processes redundant and cumbersome, and adding precious time and costs to their operations – money and time better spent on services and programs.

APIs provide ways to more easily share data between applications. Open APIs also have the potential to bring data together in ways that create new ways of displaying information – such as bringing fundraising data to a content management system or blog, or by coupling geographic data with maps from Google.

In this paper, we’ll

  • Explain what open APIs are conceptually
  • Describe the technology behind APIs looks
  • Give several concrete examples of how APIs are used
  • Delve into some issues to think about as you consider using these technologies in your organization

Let's Talk. Download the report.