2009 Data Ecosystem Survey Report

Report published February 8, 2010 in Vendor Satisfaction

The data ecosystem is the collection of tools we use to manage all the ways we interact with donors, volunteers, activists, and supporters. We wanted to find out how happy organizations are with each of the tools they use, but also what tools make up their ecosystems, and how happy they are with those ecosystems as well.

> Download the 2009 Data Ecosystem Survey Report

In 2008, NTEN began asking the community to tell us what they thought of the tools they use. We conducted vendor satisfaction surveys for the Constituent Relationship Management, Content Management Systems, and the Donor Management Systems nonprofits use. The results help organizations understand what software is in use by their peers, and how happy they are with the service, support, usability and overall value of the software.

Still, these reports were only shedding light on a small slice of the software pie. In summer 2009, we went looking for a better way. Our great friend Paul Hagen suggested that we ought to be looking at the larger picture -- at the data ecosystem.

We hope that, by broadening our view of the software question, we can achieve two things. First, we hope it gives you a resource for helping you make better software selection decisions. Secondly, we hope it helps software vendors better understand the challenges and needs of our sector so that they can address these issues.

> Download the 2009 Data Ecosystem Survey Report

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