NTEN Original Research

NTEN collaborates with partners worldwide to bring you research, articles, surveys, and other original documents about important issues in nonprofit technology.

Many of these reports are in PDF format. You should download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.


How does your email list stack up against other nonprofits? What's a good response rate for online fundraising? We've got answers!
    Data Integration
You've got client data in three different databases. APIs help your systems work together, improving your org's efficiency.
It's not all pictures of puppies. Learn how NPTech can help raise money to further your mission.
    IT Staffing
From salaries to budgets to staffing levels, we've got the raw data you need.
  Mobile & Social Media
The face of content is changing. If you're not using social and mobile media, you may be left behind.
    NPTech Community
Because people who change the world need a community to help them do it.
We've taken a look at the software that allows nonprofits to work more effectively.
A research project measuring the effect of technology assistance on nonprofits.
  Vendor Satisfaction
Nonprofit tech professionals rate the vendors of CRM, CMS, and other software.
Ubiquitous wireless access has the potential to change the game. Find out how.