Why Join

"NTEN has provided a great network of community members that have been wonderful to connect with and learn from. Many of my successful projects that I've led are a direct result of what I have learned from the NTEN community."

- Jason Shim, Pathways to Education, Canada 

NTEN Membership connects you to educational resources and research that can help you stay on top of technology and choose the best tools and strategies for your organization. It also connects you to peers and other nonprofit technology professionals so you can share what you know and learn from others working on similar missions and projects.

Whether you're a 501(c)(3), a for-profit company, consultant, or social benefit organization, an NTEN Membership offers you the professional support, tools, training, and opportunities you need to take your career development to the next level.

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NTEN Membership truly serves everyone in your organization. But don’t take our word for it! We receive feedback from Members representing all different job types and organizational departments.


Nonprofit Leaders:

“As an ED of a small nonprofit, I need help keeping our IT needs in focus. NTEN points me in the right direction as we slowly move forward. Report, data and material accessible from my desk are truly helpful. NTEN has made it clear that, as an ED, I will hurt my organization if I do not include IT in all my decisions.”  -Ann Waickman
Ability to have answers to questions before I know the problem. -Lary Wells, CEO
NTEN does the heavy lifting of researching and writing about what i need to know as a nonprofit; makes tech info relevant and applicable to nonprofits / i cited blog posts on disability accessibility and the Change Journal in a recent presentation to social service providers on using social media. -Tara Wolfe, Training Specialist

IT and Web staff:

“I'm the only person in IT support at my company and rely heavily on external resources on ideas, questions, and strategies on technology... It's provided learning opportunities in technology and connected myself with other technology people in the non-profit field.” -Erwin Delfin, Network Administrator
‘I now work for a small nonprofit and I am the only tech person on staff. While I have contractors for web development and Systems Admin, it's very helpful to have access to colleagues who are willing to share ideas/strategies, etc. / access to experts, referrals, industry standards’. -Benita Marcus, Director of Information and Advocacy
My job involves working with a lot of other non-profit organizations so it is helpful to stay on top of what the current trends and needs are for non-profits as it relates to technology. The research that you do helps me work with and better understand the challenges of the non-profit organizations that we serve. -Timothy Stockert, Director of IT

Communications and Marketing staff:

I've learned so much about social media, SEO and web analytics, Google Grants... the list goes on. -Kristina Tabor, Director of Communications
I have never been to a website or network that seems so tailored to my job in a non-profit. / It gives me statistics to back up my opinions - especially in Social Media. -Leslie Mathis, Digital Communications Manager
It keeps me aware of emerging trends and best practices, which allows me to try and implement them in projects that I'm currently working on. One example would be the recent content curation issue. I manage our blogs and found this to be helpful in determining what content mix to shoot for. In addition, I am now trying to solicit articles from some of our more active volunteers. -Maury Harris, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Program and Direct Service staff:

NTEN provided a reliable source for information when I needed something, as well as a good way to track issues and new developments in the np tech community. NTEN membership is a tremendous value - I don't know what I'd do without it! I am always telling colleagues and employees of other non-profits that they need to be a part of this community! / The recent webinars and NTC focus on data and data visualization resources has been a great help, as my organization is also very interested in how we can better use and understand the data we collect. -Jane Ribadeneyra, Program Analyst
The topics covered in reports, shorts and webinars are always ahead of the curve--at least my curve--so I need this information forced upon me. / We consult NTEN reports, go to conference sessions and watch blog when we are contemplating a move related to our online work. We always do this as a first step. -Kathleen Randall, Production Director
As a small organization we've been able to maximize our resources as a result of NTEN's support. -Sandra Lee-Takei, Program Manager

Fundraising and Development staff:

“Really loved the top donor database report. Excellent. / I am not a techie but a fundraiser. I find NTEN invaluable whenever I have a tech question. I go here or to TechSoup. Only two places I need. / I was a consultant when I joined. I helped three organizations choose development software with NTEN information, in part. Now I work on staff and we are using NTEN again to help choose a CRM.” -Virginia Wright
I need market research on multi-channel platforms to make the best technology decisions for my organization. / Helped advise on text to give, google, and mobile options that could be implemented quickly. -Sandy Coburn, Integrated Fund Development Manager
webinars and Nonprofit Tech Academy has proven to be extremely valuable in regards to moving mission/organization forward. / e-mail marketing strategies for donations. -Helen MZ Harwood, Director of Development


“E-mails, Newsletters and "Change" provide very useful, current information in a dynamic environment to which I otherwise would not be exposed. / Simply remaining abreast of the developments NTEN covers is quite beneficial. It enables me to pass on information to my research and evaluation clients, showing them how similar organizations have used SM and new technology to advance their goals and objectives.” -Gregory Robinson
“I believe that NTEN is the industry leader in providing the best and most up to date research on tech issues for nonprofits. I work as a consultant and refer to NTEN research to provide my clients with the best possible knowledge and resources.” -Kimberly Reeve
It has helped me understand what technology issues are most important to nonprofits around the country. This information will enable me to develop my organization's service offerings -- and meet the needs of the community -- in a much more targeted and relevant manner. -Jeremiah Dunham


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