How the Program is Created

How do we bring you best-in-show sessions year after year? The secret is you, our community!

The educational program for the NTC is community-driven from the very beginning. Here’s how we do it:

  • We begin with a five-week window, when NTEN Members and anyone from the nonprofit technology community can submit session proposals.
  • Proposed sessions are voted on by the community, a Steering Committee of representatives from across the sector, and NTEN staff and board.
  • The three scores are then combined to create an aggregate score and used as the main framework for session selection.
  • Finally, we review the overall selection of sessions to ensure a well-rounded program is created across five categories: Program, IT, Leadership, Fundraising, and Marketing & Communications.

The session proposal deadline for the 17NTC has passed. We will open the session proposal process for 18NTC in June of 2017.