Making Connections

Community is what makes the NTC amazing. There is something for everyone at the NTC.

NTC Ambassadors

We’re looking for a few friendly folks to serve as NTC ambassadors and help us create the vibrant, inclusive community we brag about. If you’re an NTEN member, have attended at least one other NTC, and enjoy meeting and welcoming new people, contact us ( about joining the volunteer ambassador team!

Conference App

Coming in early 2017: Download the 17NTC mobile app to find your way around the conference and Exhibit Hall, curate your own personal schedule for easy conference attendance, explore what exhibitors are offering, network with other attendees, and more.

Online Community Forum

Introduce yourself and connect with other attendees in the 17NTC online community forum. This is a great place to network, find a roommate or a carpool, share conference and travel tips, and get excited about making your way to DC for 17NTC!

NTC Orientation

Join us for an informal welcome orientation for NTC newbies. Meet with NTEN staff and NTC Ambassadors for Q&A and networking. More information to come in early 2017.

NTENer Center

The NTENer Center is our central hub for all things NTEN. Grab a seat, grab some swag, and learn more about NTEN. Visit the NTENer Center and chat with NTEN staff and NTC Ambassadors, or just take a breather.

Birds of a Feather

Every year at the NTC we create space for fellow birds of a feather—like-minded individuals of a similar background or interest—to mix and mingle during lunch. These Birds of a Feather (BOF) tables are a great way to casually make new connections and talk about shared interests or topics. Suggest your own BOF table in early 2017.

Dinner with Friends

New this year! Meet new colleagues and friends in a small group setting: Join fellow NTC attendees for small gatherings at nearby restaurants. NTEN will make dinner reservations for groups of six. Find the reservation that interests you and reserve your spot. Arrive at the meet-up spot and travel to the restaurant together. Pay for your own meal when you’re ready to leave. Have a good meal and make meaningful connections. More information to come in early 2017.

Community-Driven Events

Every year, the NTEN Community hosts a ton of great unofficial gatherings at the NTC. Planning to go for a morning run and want to invite others? Want to tour a local museum with fellow fundraisers? Feel like dining at the Doublemeat Palace with other Buffy fanatics? We want you to find new friends and connections, and ultimately have the best conference experience you can. Learn more about sharing and joining community events in early 2017.