Community Events

Community Events

In addition to all the official NTC-related social events, we know the NTEN Community will host a ton of great unofficial gatherings while we’re all in San Jose.

NTEN is neither liable nor responsible for these unofficial events in any way. We do, however, want to make it as easy as possible for the community to find each other and therefore we’ve created this sheet to help attendees create and join unofficial events.

Planning to go for a morning run and want to invite others? Want to tour a local museum with fellow fundraisers? Feel like dining at the Doublemeat Palace with other Buffy fanatics? List it on the Community Events sheet, or check out what’s already been listed.

Add a Community Event

Note: We kindly ask that organizations don’t use this as way to undercut NTC sponsorships. The NTC is made possible through the support of sponsors. If you are interested in hosting an official NTC party or reception, please consider becoming a sponsor.

Contact the community event organizer with event-specific questions. Contact with everything else!