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Date Theme
December 2014 Best of 2014
November 2014 Community Generated Content
October 2014 Evaluation / Measuring Impact
September 2014 Data
August 2014 Tools
July 2014 Websites
June 2014 Tech Leadership
May 2014 The Cloud
April 2014 Mobile
March 2014 Community 
February 2014 Getting Your Message Out 
January 2014 Looking Ahead / NTC Preview 


Date Theme
December 2013 Best of 2013
November 2013 Community Generated Content
October 2013 Evaluating and Measuring Success
September 2013 Data
August 2013 Tools
July 2013 Nonprofit Websites
June 2013 Tech Leadership
May 2013 Nonprofit Cloud
April 2013 Going Mobile
March 2013 Community
February 2013 Getting Your Message Out
January 2013 Looking Ahead: 2013 NTC Preview



Date Theme
December 2012 Best of 2012
November 2012 Community Generated Content
October 2012 Measurement and Evaluation
September 2012 Data
August 2012 The Tools Nonprofits Use
July 2012 Websites
June 2012 Technology Leadership
May 2012 Cloud Computing
April 2012 Going Mobile
March 2012 Community
February 2012 Getting Your Message Out
January 2012 Looking Ahead: 2012 NTC Preview



Date Theme
December 2011 Best of 2011
November 2011 Community Generated Content
October 2011 Digital Storytelling
September 2011 The Fundraising Issue
August 2011 Gamification
July 2011 Social Media Integration
June 2011 Building Community
May 2011 Increase Your Impact with Data
April 2011 Nonprofit IT Staffing & Spending
March 2011 The Best Tools for the Job
February 2011 Accidental Techies
January 2011 2011 NTC Preview



Date Theme
December 2010 Best of 2010
November 2010 Our Obession with Social Media
October 2010 The Future of Nonprofit Technology
September 2010 The Fundraising Issue
August 2010 Nonprofit Technology Around the World
July 2010 Building a Better Website
June 2010 What Can You Do with All That Data
May 2010 Best of the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference
April 2010 Privacy & Security (What Your Org Needs to Know)
March 2010 Cloud Computing for Nonprofits
February 2010 Social Media for Social Good
January 2010 2010 NTC Preview



Date Theme
December 2009 Best of Nonprofit Technology 2009
November 2009 Best of Member Appreciation Month
October 2009 What's Next: Web 2.x and Beyond
September 2009 The Fundraising Issue (How to Raise Money Online)
August 2009 Against the Digital Divide
July 2009 The Mobile Issue
June 2009 Best of the 2009 NTC
May 2009 The Open Source Issue
April 2009 Measure Your Success (to Succeed in the Future)
March 2009 Integrated Marketing and the Art of Communication
February 2009 IT Staffing and the Nonprofit Job Search
January 2009 2009 NTC Preview



Date Theme
December 2008 Best of 2008
November 2008 NTEN Member Appreciation
October 2008 We Are Media (The Social Media Issue)
September 2008 The Fundraising Issue
August 2008 Building Buy-in
July 2008 Building a Better Website
June 2008 The Mobile Revolution
May 2008 Free and Open Source Software
April 2008 Best of the 2008 NTC
March 2008 Rebuilding New Orleans
February 2008 The Election Issue
January 2008 2008 NTC Preview



Date Theme
December 2007 Best of 2007
November 2007 NTEN Member Appreciation
October 2007 Data Interoperability
September 2007 Fundraising
August 2007 Summer Fun Spectacular
July 2007 Software as a Service
June 2007 (Sexy, Sexy) Data
May 2007 Nonprofit Leadership
April 2007 Trends in Nonprofit Technology
March 2007 Online Communities
February 2007 Emerging Tools
January 2007 Privacy