Networking Opportunities with NTEN

We didn't name ourselves the Nonprofit Technology Network  just because we thought it had a nice ring to it: networking is what we're all about!

There are many ways you can take advantage of our community of nonprofit and technology professionals, including:

Communities of Practice

NTEN Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a great place to start networking.  You can create a profile, join the CoP(s) that fits your needs and interests, and start talking! Communities of Practice (CoPs) center on themes that reflect both a specific programmatic focus and an ongoing opportunity for growth. CoPs are supported by volunteer community organizers that agree to nurture and ignite conversation and engagement. In addition to connecting in the online home of these groups, CoPs often meet monthly via conference call or webinar.

Features of the online community space include event listings, easy-to-manage subscription settings for the many lists, resource libraries, and forums.


  • Use the search field in the upper corner of to browse by keywords (like city names, technology systems or tools, issues, etc.) or see a complete list of CoPs.
  • Join the NTEN Discuss group, our most active, national group discussing nonprofit technology topics and happenings.
  • Start a group of your own! Email Julia Smith, NTEN's Community Development Manager, to learn more.

NTEN Member Directory

Check out our searchable directory of NTEN members. Search by name, organization, city, or more advanced options. NTEN members have access to full contact information.

Local Groups

NTEN 501 Tech Clubs are regional groups of nonprofit IT, Communications, and other staff using -- or learning how to use -- technology, as well as the techies who work with the nonprofit sector. Start online with your local group or in person at a monthly meeting.

The 501 Tech Clubs are great opportunities to meet and network with peers and colleagues in your own community. You can share tips and advice particular to your region, find and post jobs, and get the support you need to do more good work for your community. You can learn more about the clubs, or just join one and start networking!  

NTEN Community in Online Social Networks

Whether you're already there or have been thinking it's time to go there, you should connect with us in these Social Networks: