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Wrestling our way to data exploration greatness

Submitted by jessica on Wed, 07/23/2014 - 2:58pm

Last week I met some rock stars of the data visualization world (yes, it’s true, there is such a world) at the Data Visualization Knowledge Summit hosted by Periscopic in Portland. The Summit featured a panel discussion with guest speakers: Alberto Cairo, Professor/Author; Kennedy Elliott, Web Developer, Washington Post; Scott Murray, Author/Coder; and Sarah Slobin, Visual Journalist, Wall Street Journal. Although this was a pretty wide-ranging discussion, they all had in common one thing: a high comfort level with uncertainty (not in the strictly statistical sense, however). That was the most inspiring and comforting thing of all.

Matt Groch to Offer Keynote on Measuring Impact at #14LCS

Submitted by Steph on Fri, 06/13/2014 - 11:55am

This September 3-6, NTEN will debut the Leading Change Summit. Today we’re excited to share that Matt Groch, Director of Solution Delivery atMission Measurement, will offer a keynote called Moneyball for Social Impact, Or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the implications of a discrete closed-loop factor analysis framework for social impact. 

You're invited to NTEN's inaugural Leading Change Summit in San Francisco

Submitted by Amy on Thu, 05/01/2014 - 8:45am

2014 Leading Change Summit After over a decade of convening our signature annual Nonprofit Technology Conference, we are excited to unveil and invite you to our inaugural Leading Change Summit in San Francisco on September 3-6. This exclusive event offers advanced level learning for nonprofit changemakers across three tracks: Impact Leadership, Digital Strategy; and the Future of Technology. 

Last-Mile Impact Measurement: Mobile is the Way

Submitted on Mon, 4/14/2014 - 8:45am
Four nonprofits are leveraging mobile technology to measure the impact of their programs, and hear from their remote beneficiaries that may not have access to the internet. Learn how they're implementing this technology, and the five lessons learned so far on how to maximize participation.

Report release: The 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study

Submitted by Joleen Ong on Wed, 04/09/2014 - 11:26am

Published today, M+R and NTEN’s 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study returns for the eighth year. We've crunched the numbers from 53 nonprofit organizations to define this year's industry standards for online fundraising, advocacy, and list building. Learn about the 8 big trends that emerged, and how 2013 raised the bar for online fundraising. 

> Download the 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study

The 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study

Report published April 9, 2014 in Benchmarks, Mobile & Social Media

Released April 8, 2014: The 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study. In partnership with M+R, we crunched the numbers from 53 nonprofit organizations to define this year's industry standards for online fundraising, advocacy, and list building.

What we learned: 2013 raised the bar for online fundraising. Nonprofits received an estimated 1.7 cents for every fundraising message delivered, and 60 cents for every website visit. And there's a lot more data where that came from! 

> Download the 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study (it's free!) 

NTEN Lab: Data-Informed Nonprofits (Los Angeles, CA)

After the recent debut of our NTEN Lab: Data-Informed Nonprofits series, we're bringing this deep day dive to Los Angeles on May 7!  >>Space is limited, register today! NTEN Members get 10% off registration rates. During checkout, use the discount code: NTEN1410 Learn more »

Webinar: 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study

There comes a time in every online organizer and fundraiser’s life when they ask themselves: is this normal? Are other groups getting this growth? Am I the only one with these trendlines? The 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study has the answers. We’ve crunched the numbers from 53 leading nonprofits to define this year's industry standards for online fundraising, advocacy, and list building. Join us to see how you stack up against nonprofits in your sector, and learn how you can use this data to transform your online program.> Get the recording & download the 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study!  Learn more »

Dataviz! Tips, Tools, and How-Tos for Visualizing Your Data

Submitted on Wed, 3/5/2014 - 11:53am
Memos and metrics, emails and texts, newsletters and reports: is your nonprofit suffering from information overload? We consume 34 gigabytes, or 100,500 words, of information every day. Our brains are overwhelmed and struggling to keep up. Data visualization—or dataviz—is one of your nonprofit’s strongest weapons against information overload.

Test, Send, Adjust, Repeat

Submitted on Tue, 2/25/2014 - 9:12am
In order to make sure that you get your message out effectively, you need to regularly check the data that shows what works, what messages did well, and where you can improve. Sometimes the answer isn't just one metric, but in a combination of metrics that you can find by testing your messages.