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Webinar: 30 Essential Tips for Your Nonprofit - Strategy, Fundraising, Marketing and More!

This webinar will share 30 essential tips on how your nonprofit can use the Internet effectively–to maximize fundraising, marketing, communication, volunteer recruitment, search engine optimization, advocacy, and much more. You’ll learn what people should be able to see and do on your website. Learn more »

How Can I Love You If You Don’t Know My Name?

Submitted on Fri, 9/20/2013 - 9:15am
When your nonprofit fails to use data to determine how to treat donors, problems creep in. Constituents begin to feel your organization doesn’t know them, and they’re infinitely less likely to respond with support.

How Do Canadians Give? The Answers May Surprise You!

Submitted on Mon, 9/16/2013 - 1:06pm
hjc, Blackbaud, Edge Research, and Sea Change Strategies recently studied the giving habits and communication preferences of four generations of Canadian donors and published their findings in a report called The Next Generation of Canadian Giving 2013. The results may surprise you.

Webinar: Secrets of the Content Marketing Sorcerers

Join VolunteerMatch's Robert Rosenthal, Nonprofit Marketing Guide's Kivi Leroux Miller, and Brett Meyer from ThinkShout, to learn how to tame the dragon of to-do despair with the content calendar sword,  how to shape-shift your older content to attract and inform audiences again, and discover the powerful alchemy of social media and content marketing. Plus, you’ll learn how to enchant your organization to create a culture of content marketing. Learn more »

Improving Visibility with SEO in a Social World

 Join this webinar as it provides you with a crash course in traditional SEO before discussing the future of search marketing and the role that social media already play. Topics include content promotion, social signals, search + social reporting and a teaser for Google Authorship. Learn more »

Mobile Matters: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Peer-driven Fundraising

 Join this webinar to learn more about the metrics behind mobile fundraising and how non-profit organizations like yours are using a wide variety of techniques to encourage mobile-optimized supporters to succeed in raising money for your special cause. Learn more »

Webinar: Social Media and Marketing Tactics Nonprofits Can Learn from Food Trucks

Join Erin Shy of Sage and Carie Lewis from the Humane Society in this webinar to learn how to be a marketing master, with a grassroots approach and a laser focused on your brand. Learn more »

Connecting the Dots of Nonprofit Engagement Data: A New Report Release

Submitted by Annaliese on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 7:00am

Flickr: waywuweiFlickr: waywuweiEarlier this year, we worked with Avectra to release The 2013 Nonprofit Engagement Data Study, which was based on a survey of nonprofit communications and fundraising professionals, as well as executive directors.  

The findings showed that nonprofits are tracking various kinds of participation data about the ways their constituents and supporters engage with their work and resources, but very few organizations are doing so strategically, nor are they supporting this practice with adequate tools and staffing.

To get a closer look at practices and challenges at the organizational level, we sought input from 10 nonprofits and associations that vary in size and work across many programmatic areas.

> Read the new report "Connecting the Dots of Nonprofit Engagement Data: A Closer Look at Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities"

The 2013 Nonprofit Engagement Data Management Study: A Graphic Report

When it comes to tracking and using “engagement” data – the actions, interactions, and even conversations that relate to an organization’s work but don’t necessarily represent the transactional or financial data that have been traditionally used for measuring an organization’s health – today’s nonprofits are either tracking a lot, or hardly anything at all. And very few organizations are applying that data to make decisions about their programs or measure their strategic outcomes.

In the spring of 2013, NTEN and Avectra surveyed nonprofit communications, fundraising, and leadership staff about their engagement data management practices, findings, and future plans. The results of the study are available in this graphic report.

Connecting the Dots of Nonprofit Engagement Data: A Closer Look at Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities

Report published June 4, 2013 in Data Integration

Flickr: waywuweiFlickr: waywuweiNonprofit organizations are looking beyond traditional data toward information about constituent participation and engagement. Such data might include volunteer activity, e-newsletter activity, Facebook or Twitter mentions, online petitions or pledge activities, event attendance and interaction among constituents, to name only a few.

NTEN and Avectra sought input from 10 nonprofits and associations that vary in size and work across many programmatic areas for specific examples of how they are collecting, managing and sharing engagement data -- and how it impacts their work.

We’ve compiled their responses around seven key questions, and are sharing the findings, and their stories, below.