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Thank you for your interest in writing for Connect. We’re always looking for articles from our members and the broader nonprofit technology community.

We publish several articles per month on a wide range of topics. Some previous and potential topics include:

  • Public/private partnerships, collaboration for good
  • Self-care, organization-care, community-care
  • Accessibility
  • Does your org need an app?
  • CRMs: choosing and using
  • Data management
  • Fundraising tools, resources, best practices
  • Best practices/tech resources for HR (pay, benefits, hiring, etc.)
  • Putting alternative media like videos, podcasts, etc. to good use
  • Managing media libraries
  • Nonprofit tech on a budget
  • Nonprofit media
  • Imposter syndrome/amateur perspective
  • Building community
  • Social media
  • Community management
  • Working remotely
  • Security – how orgs can protect themselves from phishing, etc.
  • And many, many more

If you have passion and/or expertise in topics related to nonprofit technology, we are looking for you!

Connect Articles Are:

  • Practical. Focused on tips, tricks, how-tos, how-not-tos, and higher level conversations that help other nonprofit professionals work better.
  • Idea driven. Our authors are generous experts of their own experience who share lessons learned as well as support for other community members.
  • Member focused. We prioritize articles written by NTEN members, but we will happily accept quality submissions from the broader community.
  • Tactical and tool-agnostic. Submitted drafts that focus on specific platforms or services will not be accepted, or will be heavily edited.
  • Relevant to nonprofits. Link bait, press releases, or open invitations to demo a product or service will be rejected. Tactics don’t have to be nonprofit-specific but should have specific relevance to the nonprofit technology community.

Connect Authors Are:

  • Leaders. Authors are primarily NTEN Members, or are active members of the NTEN community—people who have spoken at or participated in community-based events (e.g., Tech Clubs, online groups), attendees of NTEN educational events or programs, etc.
  • Diverse. We strive to ensure a diversity of perspectives and voices, including but not limited to: gender identity, race, geographic location, job type, and organization size and type. We generally do not publish more than two pieces by any one organization in a calendar year, to ensure a diversity of community voices.

How to Submit
If you have a topic idea, you can either submit via the form at the bottom of this page, or email to pitch your idea. We publish approximately twice per week. If your pitch is accepted, we’ll discuss deadline and publication date at that point.

Editorial Guidelines

  • 700–1,200 words
  • 2–3 sentence bio, including your organization and role
  • Profile photo: at least 500 pixels wide

Promoting Your Article
Once your article is published on the NTEN site, we will send you an email with the link to your article. Please tell the world! We’ll promote it on our social media channels and link to your Twitter handle if it was provided. Rampant social media sharing of your own is encouraged (with bonus points if you tag NTEN), as is sharing with friends via email, newsletters, and any other platform at your disposal. We will send web traffic stats on request.

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