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NTEN’s free monthly e-publication, NTEN Connect, is full of resources on the latest nonprofit technology issues from leaders in the field. It goes out to more than 36,000 of the most influential leaders and innovators in the world of nonprofit technology. Unlike a lot of other newsletters, ours actually gets read. We routinely see open rates above 26%, with an average 6% unique clicks per issue.

Guest articles published by NTEN determine the content of Connect. NTEN Connect articles often include case studies, how-tos, tips, and general interest pieces about nonprofit technology, tied to our theme for the month (review themes below).

Please note that all guest articles on the NTEN website are non-promotional in nature. We generally do not publish more than 2 pieces by any one organization in a calendar year, to ensure a diversity of community voices. Unsolicited articles are generally not published, and NTEN staff reserves the right to reject any material that does not follow our editorial guidelines and to edit accepted pieces as it sees fit.

Unless otherwise agreed, all articles will be published under a Creative Commons-Attribution license; anybody may re-post your work, as long as they note and link back to the original.

Being published on the NTEN website doesn’t guarantee publication in NTEN Connect. The NTEN Community decides the content, based on how they interact with all of the guest articles NTEN publishes that month (in terms of page views, time on page, comments, and social media mentions).

Guest Author Suggestion Box

While we generally do not accept unsolicited articles, we enthusiastically accept suggestions for guest authors. If you would like to suggest a guest author for an upcoming Connect theme, please visit our Connect Author Suggestion Box.

Guest Article Guidelines

  • Deadline: The 21st (or nearest weekday) of the month before the theme you’re writing for (so to write a post for August, you must have it in by July 21); note that we do not generally publish unsolicited submissions.
  • Length: Guest posts should be between 700 – 1,200 words. Included images shouldn’t be wider than 700 pixels. You must have permission to use any image you use.
  • Document format: HTML, DOC, TXT, or RTF, with URLs spelled out in the text (not embedded).
  • Also include: Author’s name, title, organization (including link), brief bio, Twitter handle (if applicable), and author photo.
  • For questions or comments, contact:

2016 NTEN Connect Themes

  • January 2016: Looking Ahead / NTC Preview
  • February 2016: Community Management
  • March 2016: Measuring Impact
  • April 2016: Diversity / Inclusion
  • May 2016: Tech Leadership & Innovation
  • June 2016: Storytelling
  • July 2016: Fundraising
  • August 2016: Crisis Communication
  • September 2016: Work and Productivity
  • October 2016: Dark Side of Social
  • November 2016: Member Best Practices
  • December 2016: The Year in Review / Best of 2016