Reports and Resources

2017 Donor Management Systems report

Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems

A resource to help you find the best donor management system for you. This is an NTEN member-exclusive download until its public release on March 20.

The 2016 Benchmarks Report

The 2016 M+R Benchmarks Report

Benchmarks X is our tenth in-depth report with M+R on the state of nonprofit online fundraising, advocacy, marketing, and more.

The State of Technology-Based Learning in the Nonprofit Sector

Technology-Based Learning in the Nonprofit Sector

NTEN and the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation are proud to release their landmark report on technology-based learning in the nonprofit sector.

cover image of the DIF Toolkit

Digital Inclusion Fellowship Toolkit (2016)

With the input of Fellows and City Hosts, we have created this toolkit to support practitioners in building digital literacy programs within their organizations.

Original Research

NTEN collaborates with partners worldwide to bring you research, articles, surveys, and other original documents about important issues in nonprofit technology.

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Open Surveys

NTEN’s research reports provide key data to help nonprofits inform their decision making. Please take a few minutes and add your voice to our open surveys. Thanks in advance for your efforts in adding to the value of our research!

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As online fundraising continues to grow, be sure your organization is up to speed with the latest trends, strategies, and tools for your next campaign.

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Find out how your organization’s marketing stacks up and cherry-pick the best ideas from the nonprofit community.

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The tools, resources and advice to help your organization work efficiently.

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Case studies, workbooks, and other ready-to-use resources to help your organization learn from others in the sector, and enhance your overall organizational development.

Technology Management

Strategies for making good technology decisions at your nonprofit.