Email Marketing and Digital Content—Short-term Contract

The Trust for Public Land


The Trust for Public Land is the nation’s leading organization focused on creating parks and protecting land for people, especially in cities. The non-profit serves as The 606’s lead private partner, managing community engagement and outreach, fundraising, long-term park planning, communications and other crucial aspects of the project.

Scope of Services

We are seeking to fulfill the following scope of work across The 606’s print and digital media channels:

  • Email marketing and digital content
  • Copywriting for social media, website, e-news and fundraising emails.
  • Contributing to The 606’s editorial and social media calendar with geo-targeted content and news
  • Managing and producing digital content (building and scheduling emails, and social media updates, maintaining email lists, updating The 606 website)
  • Activation and planning of online campaigns
  • Reporting and analysis of metrics

Specific Responsibilities

  • Email marketing and digital content
  • Reinforce The Trust for Public Land as a national leader and amplify its brand in Chicago
  • Support all online marketing functions across digital channels to help build awareness, generate leads, and deliver on agreed upon goals
  • Build and manage various email campaigns, including subject lines, call-to-action, content and implementation
  • Assist in developing new content for The 606’s website and social channels, including text, video, photographs, etc.;
  • Translate some content from English to Spanish.
  • Help manage The 606’s growing social media presence by creating and posting content, monitoring comments, and identifying and developing relationships with influential audiences.
  • Build email performance reports, communicate upward/downward trends and make recommendations based on the data.
  • Assists with campaign execution from idea creation, deployment, scheduling, segmentation, production, A/B testing, and optimization
  • Maintain and grow online supporter pipeline
  • Minimize list decay and unsubscribe(s) while increasing the productivity of email sends


Below is a list of anticipated deliverables based on work completed in 2016.

Email marketing and digital content

5-6 event-based campaigns, each of which may include:

  • Designing an all-graphic email message and corresponding graphics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Setting up the all-graphic email in Convio and sending the message 2-3 times The 606 listserv.
  • Drafting and posting 3-4 event reminders across social media platforms.
  • Assisting in drafting website copy.
  • 2-4 fundraising campaigns, each of which may include:
  • Writing email messages on a weekly basis.
  • Setting up the message in Convio and sending it out to The 606 listserv.
  • Building a landing page with corresponding web copy.
  • Drafting and posting 3-4 social media messages that drive traffic to fundraising page.
  • Program updates and e-news
  • Per content calendar and programming schedule, designing an all-graphic email message, setting up the email in Convio and sending out to listserv.
  • Up-to-date information as needed
  • Monthly campaign marketing reports and regular analysis of performance on KPIs including: delivery, open-rates, click-rates, conversion-rates.


March 31 through July 31

Selection Criteria

The independent contractors will be able to support the strategies listed above and demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of Chicago and its neighborhoods
  • Optimistic
  • Doggedness
  • Organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Working knowledge of Convio, our email and fundraising platform.
  • Strong CSS and HTML skills
  • Mastery of the written Spanish language a plus

Preferred contractors will have a demonstrable appreciation for social media and email marketing as tools for fundraising.





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March 24, 2017

How to Apply


Adriana Díaz, The Trust for Public Land, Communications Director, Chicago Projects and Programs. 312-564-8168,