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Developing an E-Learning Program: Tools and Lessons Learned

November 17, 2016
Developing your own e-learning program doesn’t require a large budget. Be creative, make the best use of free tools, and be willing to do the research to find what will work for both you and your audience.
NTEN Faculty at a lecturn

Share Your Skills and Help Build the Nonprofit Community

October 20, 2016
Demonstrate your expert nonprofit skills and support the future of your sector by becoming an NTEN trainer.
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Innovations in Emergencies: Deploying RapidFTR Philippines

August 4, 2016
To summarize my experience in one sentence: I am grateful for everything I have in my life, and I feel more human and alive for contributing to software products that serve humanity.
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Making an Impact on Digital Inclusion and Literacy

April 25, 2016
Digital inclusion can mean different things to different people. But for BiblioTech, the nation’s first all-digital public library, it is simply about doing what is necessary to provide digital access and resources to those who need it most.

Finding Opportunities in Data for LGBT Youth Experiencing Homelessness

April 14, 2016
The True Colors Fund is developing a mobile app to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth experiencing homelessness in the United States can find support wherever they go—and be themselves when they get there.
James Butts, DIF Fellow

Call for Applications for City Hosts in the Digital Inclusion Fellowship

February 17, 2016
In May of last year, we announced the first ever Digital Inclusion Fellowship (DIF), in partnership with Google Fiber, and with additional funding support from the Knight Foundation in Charlotte, N.C . We’re excited to announce that we’re extending the Fellowship for a second year. Today, we’re opening Fellowship City Host applications in several cities.

Beyond the Idea Accelerator with Diane Mora: “Helping Kids Succeed”

October 30, 2015
As the grand finale to NTEN’s Leading Change Summit, a covey of 15LCS attendees pitched and developed changemaking projects during the Idea Accelerator. The Summit may have ended, but many of these projects are just getting started. Today, we want to introduce you to “Helping Kids Succeed,” an idea pitched by Diane Mora.

Take the Learning to the Learner: Let them learn their way

October 20, 2015
The micro-learning for teens with IBD project was one that literally fell into my lap one day. As the eLearning Project Lead at Mount Sinai Hospital, I often receive emails, phone calls, and office drop-ins with all manner of questions in regards to education, learning, and educational technologies. On this day in January of 2015, I welcomed a perplexed Nurse Coordinator from our IBD program who wasn’t sure if she was in the right place. We discussed how I might be able to assist.

Using UAVs to Assess Habitat Status and Trend

October 19, 2015
Conservation, restoration, and mitigation efforts around the world increasingly rely on large volumes of data. Nowadays, the problem is less about having lots of data, and more about how to acquire it cost-effectively and how to make efficient use of it. Yet public agencies and nonprofits typically don’t include data management in their lists of core strengths; as a result, they often don’t readily leverage related paradigm shifts.