Topic: Evaluation

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Is It Time to Ditch That Event?

July 22, 2016
Too many small nonprofits get on what I call the "special event hamster wheel" and they go from one event to the next. How do you know when to get off the wheel?
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Technological Bridges Connecting Funders & Nonprofits

July 12, 2016
Increasingly, funders want to go beyond doing good—they want to focus on achievement through measurable outcomes that demonstrate that their investments (in the form of donations, grants, etc.) have improved the situation for the intended population.
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Postcard from the Individual Donor Benchmark Report

March 23, 2016
It is incredibly important to understand how your data measures up – where you are doing well, and where there’s room for improvement. That’s why we created the Individual Donor Benchmark Project, a deep dive into the data of small but mighty organizations.

Beyond Counting Heads: Measuring the Real Impact of Volunteers

March 15, 2016
Nonprofits operate on more than financial donations and grants. They also have “time donors” who contribute their expertise generously as volunteers on their boards of directors, in service delivery roles, and in fundraising activities. Despite the reliance on such “skillanthropists,” successful engagement of volunteers is often low on the list of priorities of organization executives.

The Next Generation of Collaborative Impact

March 10, 2016
Poverty, homelessness, crime, unemployment etc. persist today in even the wealthiest of countries. But just imagine if we could build on the existing efforts of social sector organizations, leverage trillions in private capital, and bring the same level of focus and entrepreneurship for improved schools, employment opportunities, better public services, and safer streets. It is already happening, and it is called impact investing!
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Use Facebook To Measure The Cost Of New Members

March 3, 2016
You run a small nonprofit and/or membership-based organization and you’re looking for inexpensive ways to gain new members. Have you thought of advertising on Facebook?

How to Tell Your Boss That You Rock: Explaining Digital Metrics to Less Web-Savvy Staff

December 17, 2015
Your website, blog, social media, and other digital platforms are doing really well, and you even have metrics to prove it. That’s awesome! But now what? How do you know if your efforts are worthwhile? Do you know what success looks like?

From Storytelling to Social Change

October 20, 2015
It works like this: First, audience members point their mobile devices to our mobile web app and self-identify by category (e.g. police officer, survivor, social worker, etc.). Then, once the film begins, participants swipe up when they feel motivated to act and swipe down when they feel helpless, generating digital data that helps guide an analog discussion following the screening.

How One Nonprofit Found Its SROI

June 12, 2015
When donors ask about leverage or impact or sustainability of results, they’re subtly asking us to “show them the money” or more likely, the return on their investment. Of course in our case, our returns are of a different sort.  They’re social returns on investment: the positive social cash value that can be created as a result of families being healthier, communities being safer, and moms and dads going back to work.