Nonprofits, the Cloud & Data: Connections & Opportunities

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This year NTEN has hosted a series of webinars on both the Cloud and Data for nonprofits. In this final series, we bring the two together to look at: 1) the connections between how nonprofits use data and how they use the cloud, 2) examples of nonprofits who have moved infrastructure to the cloud and manage their data there, and 3) looking at the Cloud and Big Data, including examples of using them in conjunction to connect folks to programs and support transparency.

Thanks to the generous support of Google, we're able to offer you this awesome series for free! 

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Webinars in this series will include:

  • November 29th - NTEN's New Nonprofit Data Report and Connections with the State of the Nonprofit Cloud Report
  • December 6 - Managing Data in the Cloud
  • December 18 - Accountability, Transparency and Data in the Cloud