Successfully Engaging Volunteers on Tech Projects

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As nonprofits, we know that having the right technology in place could enable our organizations to do much more, yet 88% of nonprofits say they have inadequate IT. Technology budgets tend to be small and having tech support on staff is a luxury for many of us. Now, think of the millions of technology professionals out there that have the skills we need to bridge this gap. How can we, as nonprofits, effectively engage skilled technology volunteers to strengthen our organization? This session will highlight a success story from The Community Corps on how the Brain Injury Association of Maryland engaged a pro bono web developer to enhance its website.

In this webinar, participants will get practical tips on:

  • How to define your technology needs upfront
  • The key points to cover in your project kickoff call
  • Best practices for giving feedback and direction
  • The importance of saying thanks

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About the Presenters

Miriam Young

Miriam Young is the Nonprofit Outreach and Engagement Manager at The Community Corps, a program of NPower. The Community Corps provides free tech help to nonprofits, schools and libraries by matching organizations with skilled tech volunteers. Miriam previously worked as a Program Manager at the Taproot Foundation where she managed a portfolio of 40 pro bono projects for nonprofit grantees in Chicago.

Bryan Pugh

Bryan Pugh is the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Maryland, which seeks to create a better future for the citizens of Maryland through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy and the promotion of research. Bryan’s passion for serving the brain injured population stems from his wife’s work as an advanced practice neurology nurse, his adopted son’s challenges with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and his sister’s diagnosis with inoperable brain cancer. An attorney and mediator by training, Bryan previously worked for the University of Maryland’s School of Law and has represented several state agencies and universities in his home state of Florida.

Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy is a Community Corps volunteer from Vancouver, Washington who has completed 6 pro bono projects for nonprofits across the country. Over the past 25 years, he has started and run 2 successful software companies and now serves as the CEO for DM2 Software Inc. Steve is in the “giving back” phase of his career and is excited to use his skills to serve Community Corps nonprofits

Event Materials

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