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In today's information saturated world, you no longer have a thousand words. That's why pictures are so vital for nonprofit communications-they delight, surprise, connect. In this webinar, we'll talk about the social network of choice for visual storytelling, Pinterest. It would be easy to dismiss Pinterest as a platform better suited to wedding planning than advocacy, but its virtual bulletin boards offer tremendous opportunity for savvy nonprofits. The site's 11 million monthly users are pinning plenty of recipes and crafts, but they also use Pinterest to show off their green cred and support favorite causes.

In this webinar, we'll talk about the demographics and culture of Pinterest, and look at some creative ways nonprofits are using it to build awareness and drive traffic to their websites. And, for all the groups out there groaning at the thought of another must-use social platform, we will also talk about ways to integrate pin-worthy imagery into existing communications channels.


1. Say it with pictures. Whether your organization joins Pinterest or not, visuals are an essential part of communications in today's multimedia landscape.
2. Know your audience. Pinterest users skew female, affluent, and young. Doesn't sound like your current donor or activism base? Perhaps it's time to branch out.
3. Focus on solutions. Moving people to action requires a threat or problem, but we all have doom and gloom fatigue. Pinterest is a place to highlight the positive.

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About the Presenter

Nicole Lampe, Digital Strategy Director

Nicole Lampe is digital strategy director for Resource Media, a nonprofit public relations firm that serves the environmental and public health communities. Resource Media delivers communications strategy and services that work in today's dynamic media landscape. Nicole's job is to help nonprofit organizations harness the power of social media without getting spread too thin. That means taking a hard look at emerging channels like Pinterest to suss out their strengths and weaknesses. It also means helping partners get crystal clear on goals, target audiences, and internal capacity. Nicole has worked in nonprofit communications for nine years, managing public affairs for the Trust for Public Land's western regional office before coming to Resource Media. Before stepping into her current role, Nicole managed Resource Media's marine conservation work in California, developing an online network that includes dozens of nonprofit organizations, 60,000 public supporters, and more than twenty-five top reporters. Find her on Twitter @nicole_amber.

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