Using Social Media to Build an Active Base of Donors

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What makes people give? Is it passion, self-interest, or a shared sense of purpose that appeals to their consciousness, causing them to help others? Social media has given us tremendous insight into people’s reasons for donating; yet, how can we make sense of it? And better yet, how can it benefit our good causes? In this webinar, bestselling author Evan Bailyn will share specific, exclusive strategies nonprofits can use to attract a large and active base of donors. The audience will come away understanding how to grow a good cause by appealing to people on a basic psychological level.

In this webinar, participants will learn

  • How to build a “giving” fan base on Facebook
  • Leveraging other peoples’ audiences to benefit your cause
  • How to make a Youtube video go viral

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About the Presenter

Evan Bailyn

Evan Bailyn is an author, speaker, CEO, and child advocate. He established his career by learning how to work with Google to boost a website to the top of the results for a given search, going on to create and sell five profitable businesses in seven years, including one of the largest kids websites in the world. In 2010, he established The Evan Bailyn Foundation for Emotional Awareness, which gives small grants to organizations that support emotional awareness. In 2011, he produced the landmark event Women Rock It!, which empowers women to take a more active role in today’s business world. Today, he works with nonprofits and good causes to build an active base of donors through social media.

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