Product Spotlight: How Nonprofits or NGOs Can Take Advantage of the Newly Evolved Internet

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You are invited to attend an important webinar on how nonprofits or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can take advantage of the newly evolving Internet. The Public Interest Registry (PIR) is the nonprofit organization currently managing the trusted .ORG domain, which is widely used in the nonprofit community. With the coming expansion of the top level domain name system next year, PIR is proposing to apply for a domain extension designed exclusively to meet the needs of the global nonprofit community-- .NGO.

.NGO would be the definitive address where NGO's can differentiate themselves under regulations which they would self-impose and self-govern. A .NGO address could also include practical advantages to small startup organizations and those from developing countries.

The purpose of this webinar is to explain our proposal, how .NGO differs from .ORG, and to seek the support and assistance of the global nonprofit community.

In this webinar, participants will learn

  • .NGO would be the definitive address where NGO's can differentiate themselves.  
  • .NGO is a closed domain extension, whereas, .ORG remains open to all.
  • PIR needs the nonprofit community support to obtain the .NGO extension.

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About the Presenter

Thuy LeDinh

As senior marketing communications manager, Thuy took over marketing communications and web development for PIR in 2009. Prior to PIR, he worked in product marketing and marketing communications for a high-end business printer manufacturer. Thuy has also been developing web content management system and search technologies for over ten years. With his unique background in both marketing and technical development, he brings creative ways to best utilize new technology to create effective marketing communications in today’s fast-paced environment. Thuy's expertise include building an Online community, public relations, Internet marketing and branding strategies, and SEO.