Nonprofits & Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing and the Opportunity for Your Nonprofit

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As part of the “Nonprofits & Cloud Computing: A Guide to Navigating the Nonprofit Cloud” Webinar Series, this first webinar will help you understand what exactly the cloud is and give you the words to describe it to your boss, board, and colleagues. We'll also explore the hype surrounding cloud computing and show you how using the cloud can apply to your nonprofit.

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  1. Understanding of what the Cloud is.
  2. Hype vs Reality of Cloud Services
  3. How to develop your requirements and evaluate potential solutions


About the Presenter

Matthew Eshleman, Director of Professional Network Services, Community IT Innovators, provides a wide range of services to social mission organizations in the areas of technology planning, network engineering, installing and maintaining servers and ongoing support. He is has a special interest in the strategic use of technology and implementing innovative solutions using server virtualization and multi-site WAN's, including internet load balancing and failover. Matt originally joined the company as a volunteer when in Washington, DC as part of his Eastern Mennonite University Washington Study Service Year. Matt has dual degrees in Computer Science and Computer information system and an MBA from the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University. Matt came up through the ranks at Community IT Innovators starting as an intern 11 years ago and working as a Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer and Team Lead. He is now the Director of Professional Network Services where is oversees CITI’s projects team and sets IT strategy for the organization. When not at work he enjoys cooking, spending time with his wife & 11 month old daughter and singing with the Baltimore Choral Arts Society.

Event Materials

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