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Webinar: Why a Model for Web Content Matters

Let experts from Minds On Design Lab introduce you to content modeling – the bridge between content strategy, design, and management technology that is always crossed, often overlooked, and notably impactful. Join our webinar on July 24 to learn more about the concept of content modeling, see real-life examples, discuss implications, and get to know the latest trends on how you can craft your content and deliver your stories through the web. Learn more »

Webinar: What's this Leading Change Summit anyway?

The 2014 Leading Change Summit (LCS) will take place in San Francisco September 3-6 — want to learn more? Join our free webinar on July 29 where NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward will walk you through the LCS experience, the Idea Accelerator, and what you'll learn and who you'll meet along the way. This webinar will include plenty of time for Q&A — we look forward to chatting with you! Learn more »

Webinar: How to Turn Your Program Into an Online Course

With the rise in popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as Udacity, Coursera, and Khan Academy, online learning technologies and practices have come into the mainstream, and nonprofits are building e-learning sites to expand service reach, improve service quality, and reduce training costs. Join our webinar on July 30 to learn more about what it takes to convert your face-to-face class into a robust online course. Learn more »

How to Make the Most of the Leading Change Summit

Coming to the #14LCS in San Francisco? Here's how to prepare so you have the best possible experience. Learn more »

Work-Life Balance Tools for Tech Leaders in an Over-Connected World

Does opening your inbox in the morning fill you with dread? Are you excited by all of the ways your work can make a positive impact, but often feel at the end of the day like you accomplished very little? In this one hour webinar, Sharon Price of Rockwood Leadership Institute will teach concrete ways to be more productive and balanced. Learn more »

How to Make the Most of the #14LCS Idea Accelerator

Coming to the 2014 Leading Change Summit in San Francisco? This free, optional webinar will help you make the most of the Idea Accelerator on the final day of the Summit. Learn more »

Town Hall: October 2014

We want to hear from you, and our quarterly Town Halls are a way to create a dedicated, open line for NTEN staff to provide updates and insights about our work, and hear from you (yes, you) about what you're working on, how we can better serve you and your team, and discuss hot topics in the community. Learn more »