501 Tech Club Austin

Continent: North America
Region: Austin
Tags: twitter

501 Tech Club for April - Yammer and your Non Profit

with Stephanie Elsa of the American Heart Association

Where: Austin Free-Net, 2209 Rosewood Ave, Austin (map)


Stephanie Elsea is the Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the South Central Affiliate of the American Heart Association. An avid Twitter user, Stephanie helped to establish and promote internal microblogging within the Heart Association via Yammer.

What do you get when you combine the ease of email, immediacy of Twitter and the reach of the company org chart? Yammer, an online tool for increasing productivity, breaking down barriers and flattening organizations through the exchange of short frequent answers to the question: “What are you working on?” Stephanie Elsea will explain the Twitter-like messaging system as it applies to internal corporate communications within the American Heart Association and demonstrate how it can help your organization save time and money.