Webinar: Leveraging Online Resources to Teach Digital Literacy

Steve Black, founder of TechBoomers.com, will share the lessons he’s learned working with libraries and other organizations that teach digital literacy. He’ll start by exploring a number of online resources and tools that empower instructors to teach more students with less effort. Then he’ll discuss how to best leverage those tools and resources to create the ideal digital literacy classes and programs for your students. Throughout the presentation, he’ll be providing suggestions on how to engage and motivate students by understanding their interests, lifestyle, and online goals.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about different types of online digital literacy resources and tools
  2. Learn how to best leverage educational content websites 
  3. Discuss types of digital literacy classes and programs, and figure out which are best for you
  4. Tips and ideas about how to best engage, motivate, and teach digital immigrants

This webinar is part of NTEN’s Digital Inclusion Fellowship program, aimed at supporting digital inclusion initiatives, sharing best practices, and showcasing digital inclusion programs. You do not need to be a Fellow to attend; all are invited.

Speaker: Steve Black
Steve Black is a serial entrepreneur who came up with the idea for Techboomers while looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity that brought purpose into his life. One day, while helping his parents learn how to use Facebook, he realized there were no reliable websites that have quality up-to-date tutorials to help people like his parents learn on their own... And the vision for Techboomers was born. Steve specializes in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing strategies. Outside of work, he enjoys running with his chocolate lab, Samson, and playing just about any kind of board game.