Product Spotlight: Top Three Ways to Increase Your Online Revenue

With the help of our partner, NextAfter, a fundraising optimization firm for nonprofit organizations, we at iDonate have developed a model that allows you to see how you stack up against industry standards in the three key metrics for online fundraising: traffic, conversion rate, and average gift.

Positively affecting any of these three metrics will produce an instant lift in your online revenue. In fact, if you increase web traffic, average gift, and conversion rate by 25%, your revenue doubles.

Are you interested in learning how to raise more money online?

This webinar will teach you why these metrics are so important, what it means to influence these three key metrics that affect online fundraising, and how iDonate can help increase your overall online revenue with one easy, simple change to your website.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What traffic, conversion rate, and average gift mean for your online fundraising efforts
  2. How to impact these metrics
  3. The effect that influencing these metrics will have on your online revenue
Speaker: Jeff Kukowski
Over 25 years of building companies and category-leading solutions across industries, geographies, technologies and cultures with 3 solutions growing from <$1m to $24m, $33m, and $55m respectively. Proven team success in developing and launching relevant new solutions and categories across software as a service, mobile, cloud, consumer and enterprise software and hardware models to critical market adoption and revenue. Having performed most functions from many seats around the world, Jeff brings context and simplification to executing on what matters most.