Ask The Expert: Technology Management: Beyond “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

There was a time when Technology Management meant the the same thing as Tech Support, involving the common refrain, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Nowadays it means so much more—technology is an integral part of an organization’s ability to deliver on its mission effectively.

From internal operations and program delivery to developing new technology solutions, organizations are being compelled to take a fresh look at how “Technology Management” becomes less of a strategy and more an aspect of organizational culture.

Join us this month as we speak with experts from across the sector to look at the critical things organizations need to keep in mind to effectively manage technology.

Following are a few questions that will help guide this discussion; we welcome your questions, as well:

  • How has Technology Management evolved, and where is it going?

  • How do you know what you don’t know so you can identify true needs?

  • Is your organization a Product Owner, and why does that matter?

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Speaker: Seth Giammanco
is a Principal and the lead technologist at Minds On Design Lab, a design and technology studio that serves as a partner to nonprofit organizations. Seth joined with Michelle Perreault to establish Minds on Design Lab to pair his technology experience with her creative leadership in 2007. Together they defined a guiding formula: a thoughtful approach + creative minds = smart design. This formula is being successfully applied to a continually growing collection of nonprofit partners across a diverse body of work spanning print collateral and marketing materials, websites, and highly interactive web applications and community destinations. An experienced software product and project manager for over 11 years, Seth's in-depth experience combines information and interactive design with hands-on technology skills. Prior to Minds On Design Lab, Seth worked in the educational field first as a 5th grade classroom teacher and then as a technology and support leader in a thriving education technology startup.
Speaker: Isaac Shalev
Isaac combines technical, product and digital marketing knowledge with a keen sense of how people and organizations relate to technology and change. As president of Sage70, Isaac helps nonprofit organizations envision change, plan strategy, and put technology to work.