NTEN and Idealware are partnering on a critical update to the research for a report called Consumers Guide to Donor Management Systems. This consumers guide is a high-quality resource that is free to the nonprofit technology community, and is THE most respected and most often referenced source of information about donor management systems, hands down.

Thousands of readers will use the resource directory to find consultants to help them with product selection and implementation, vendor contact information, and other fundraising related services. By purchasing a directory listing, not only are you helping to make this critical resource possible, you’re also getting your name in front of an audience that is eager to learn what you have to offer.

Sponsorship Metrics

The 2013 version of the report has about 9000 downloads so far. Idealware’s audience size and engagement level has grown significantly in the past year (over 11,000 new subscribers so far in 2016) and since it has been a while since they released the last edition, they expect the 2017 Guide to be a big deal.

The release for the report will be February 2017, and we’re planning to make a big splash with this at the 17NTC in Washington, DC.

Don’t miss the opportunity to list your company in this essential resource!

NTEN and Idealware are thankful for your sponsorship and support of this report. Please note, however, that sponsorship has no bearing on whether your product or services are covered in the report.