Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Scarlett Swerdlow

Illinois Arts Alliance

Scarlett is the Advocacy and Communications Director at the Illinois Arts Alliance. Scarlett's portfolio includes grassroots organizing, brand management, and Web initiatives.  She's especially interested in the potential of social media to build and strengthen nonprofit brands.  When AFK, Scarlett enjoys reading mysteries, drinking tea, and boxing.

Sarah Davies


Sarah spends her days working for NPower, a nonprofit that provides technology support and training to other nonprofits. She also volunteers for the nonprofit Freedeom for IP and can rant at length about the idiosyncracies of US copyright and patent law.

Sarah Golightly

GoLightly, Inc.

Sarah is CEO and Co-Founder of GoLightly, Inc., which provides innovative2008 NTENny Winner ways for people to connect, collaborate, and create new potential for membership and governmental organizations to mobilize their constituents and strengthen their organization. Sarah is dedicated to providing technology that allows people to go beyond traditional boundaries and help great people accomplish great things in the world... together!Sarah is passionate about making the web more usable and beautiful. Sarah is also a devoted mother, artist, off-road racer, and a frequent motivational speaker at conferences and meetings.

Madeline Stanionis


Madeline is the CEO of Watershed, an internet consulting and services firm.2008 NTENny Winner She says she's "old fashioned" because, for her, it's about "the work": people engaging people, hearts, minds, and pocketbooks. Technology just 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boostermakes it easier. She is an expert on internet and email campaigns and is a familiar speaker on the topic at conferences and seminars; she even wrote a book about it. When she's not helping people change the world, she's on eBay, at rock shows, or mastering her Dance Dance Revolution skills.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector

Deborah Elizabeth Finn lives to bring resources and needs together seamlessly in the nonprofit sector, mostly through strategic use of2008 NTENny Winner information and communication technologies. She loves everything about her work except being an independent consultant, and would much rather be a cog in a machine. Her past and current clients, all of whom she adores, include Third Sector New England, the Public Conversations Project, Changing The Present, Social Markets, Earth Track, the Food Project, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, IDEAS Boston, and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. She is a founding member of the Information Systems Forum, the Ethos Roundtable, Mission-Based Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Technology Working Group, and the Boston Technobabes. In her spare time, she captions photographs for LOLnptech.Org, reads Victorian literature, listens to Counter-Reformation liturgical music, and indulges her compulsion to introduce everyone on the planet to everyone else.