Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Doug Jacquier

Community Information Strategies Australia (CISA) Inc.

Doug is the CEO of Community Information Strategies Australia (CISA) Inc., the leading body for the community information and technology sector in Australia.2008 NTENny Winner In 2003 he established the website as an IT resource for Australian nonprofits. In 2004 he established the first Australian national conference on IT capacity development for nonprofit organisations, called Connecting Up. In 2007 Doug led CISA into partnership with TechSoup to establish the DonorTec program, which is on target to save Australian nonprofits over $20m annually by channelling IT donations from the corporate sector, including Microsoft and Cisco products, as well as locally sourced products and services.

Mary Gross


After spending many years in both the nonprofit and private sectors working with2008 NTENny Winner information and technology, Mary found her home in the NTAP world in 2003. It’s the perfect blend of serving people helping other people and using technology to inspire their imagination. Mary serves as the director of the InfoTAP program with Nonprofit Management Solutions. Through InfoTAP, Mary and her team assist organizations with technology planning, networking needs, database planning and implementation and her favorite Websites! NTEN has served as a principle resource for Mary’s work with nonprofits in San Diego.

Eve Simon

Beaconfire Consulting

Eve’s 14 years of online visual design, user experience and creative management in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors makes 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boosterher either a quirky dinner party guest or a font of random knowledge. Either way, as Creative Director at Beaconfire Consulting, she’s responsible for all aspects of the design process from start to finish. When not helping make the world a better place (one website at a time), Eve is an Adjunct Professor of web design at The American University School of Communication, volunteers with her therapy dog Max, and wears an inordinate amount of black.

Catherine Stifter

Catherine Stifter is a long-time public radio producer who is learning to be an online community manager in the age of digital convergence. And that's not too difficult because, whatever the platform, we all need to tell good stories.

Catherine serves as Web & Media Co-director (with NTEN member Gale Petersen) of New Routes to Community Health, an immigrant-led project to improve immigrant health through local media. Some of her most interesting social media work has been with Mascomm Associates, a consulting firm dedicated to making media part of the solution. She lives off-grid in California's beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and commutes to work by satellite.

Eric Werner

Northridge Interactive

Eric is an interactive marketing consultant at Northridge Interactive, specializing in Web Analytics, Organic Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Management. His interest in online marketing was sparked in 2001 while working for an Atlanta area web marketing firm where he learned the benefits of marketing to achieve concrete results. A results-driven Google Certified AdWords Professional, Eric has engaged in Adwords and Google Grants Management for a number of nonprofit clients while at Northridge Interactive. Eric contributes regularly to the Online Marketing Council and was recently elected to the position of Vice Chair of the Web Analytics committee. Eric began his career as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army -- but now the color of his parachute is "marketing". Eric is getting married this spring and hopes his wife will embrace his eclectic loves of practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu, wearing out his copy of Halo 3, and heavily consuming internet marketing reads. He hopes the salsa dancing will help in this regard.